“On The Rise Show” – The Country Network (TCN) – Debut 7/15


Can I say, wow? My journey is apparently making a stop here on THE COUNTRY NETWORK, where I am the featured artist for their live tapings of “ON THE RISE”…Let me just say that this was so much fun to do, traveling to TCN headquarters in Dallas Texas, where yeah, everything is bigger!


Hats off to Don Mills and his TCN production crew and to Craig Bann, with Aristo Media for making all of this happen. I am grateful for the opportunity to present my original music in a live setting, where its just me and my guitar, just like when I’m writing a song. We hope to earn a few new fans along the way, which by the way, So if my music catches your ear, please join the growing tribe where we will hopefully meet in person over live music someday!

Here is a list of show times for the week of 7/15: (ALL TIMES ARE IN EASTERN TIME ZONE)

Mon 7/15 7pm & 10pm Brian Lee Bender – On The Rise – AIRING
Wed 7/17 10am Brian Lee Bender – On The Rise – AIRING
Thur 7/18 9pm Brian Lee Bender – On The Rise – AIRING
Fri 7/19 10am & 8pm Brian Lee Bender – On The Rise – AIRING
Sun 7/21 4pm & 8pm Brian Lee Bender – On The Rise – AIRING





With my most sincere showing of gratitude, I thank you for taking your time to hear me out and just listen for a bit, I am a big believer in the power of music and how it connects us all.


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IF YOU DON’T MIND, please share this news with others who might enjoy some live music…I would appreciate that a ton!

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“Touched By The Music” – The World’s Language


As the earthquakes rock California this week, what better way to show our connection to big sounds and vibrations of our everyday lives.

You know that feeling of standing next to a waterfall, deep in the forest, as the bliss that washes over you? This is the energy we all feel from sound.Take a spin on the video below, “Touched By The Music” – THE STORY – Episode 00 – You should get a sense of what we are going to do, and where this blog might take us.

Let me quickly introduce myself, so you might understand why I am writing to you and what I am seeking from you. At 57 years young, I am blessed with an open heart, musical understanding* and the opportunity to share music with those who wish to receive it.

Proudly, I can play most instruments, at a studio level, play live music for hours on end, where  real people are there to engage with sound and the camaraderie of others.

Creating music at this level has been my lifelong pursuit and thankfully the hard work getting here has paid off.

As an artist in many mediums, songwriting has taught me the most about what people respond to and why. Plain and simple there are universal rules of melody and rhythm that just connect us all together. For music to work, it must have context, yet the DJ of your life, is often put to the work of others, choosing what you are to hear and when. Of course, when the table is set, like at a wedding and it’s time to walk down the aisle, the chosen song has a great chance to be heard and might just create a shared memory that you won’t ever forget.


Submit yourself to the powerful value of music and your personal connection that we were all born with. Learn how to tap into its values more often and with a purpose in mind.

My promise, is that you will experience better happiness and health, once you know how to put it in context, treat it like medicine, and use it when you need it most!

If I share, will you share? – So that I might learn your version of the power of music in your life.


Find a musician on this planet, that has touched you with what they are doing and walk up to them and simply say thank you! If you find yourself doing this often maybe do something to share your appreciation in another way. See them as valuable members of society, treat them respectfully, help them with spreading their gifts, support them financially, so that they might have a better chance of helping you and others feel the connection to “source”, the energy of this world we all live in. The energy that can also bring you peace of mind, health and happiness.


With my most sincere showing of gratitude, I thank you for taking your time to hear me out and just listen for a bit, I truly just want to reveal what I know and share it with you.


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