This is my daily grind, but they said I get a break

From this crazy place, 15 minutes, don’t seem like, ever enough,

but it’ll do


So I’ll take a minute that’s just for me, and dial up my favorite song

As I see your face, on my picture phone, just chillin’ in my mind


I’ve been touched by the music

Its gonna take me to my place

Between me and he, aint nothing else,

Just my own little personal space

I’ll be tripin’ on the beat, yeah (yeah, yeah)

That’s been livin’ in my feet,

I get so lost and found, when I hear that sound,

I’d be dancing in the street

I’ve been touched by the music


We aint nothing but a rat race, and my mother she got trapped

Brothers and sisters, we’re not alone, we have each other and

We got music…


So I’ll take a minute that’s just for me, and I’ll dial up our favorite song




I’ve been touched by the music (2x)

I’ve been touhed by the (2x) by the music


SONGWRITER – Brian Lee Bender (ASCAP) – Music Recorded In Nashville TN

Artist Credit
Larry Beaird Guitar (Acoustic) Banjo
Brian Lee Bender Guitar (Electric), Mastering, Primary Artist, Producer
Jim De Blanc Engineer
David Buchanan Engineer
Rob Lane Engineer
Russ Pahl Dobro, Pedal Steel
Scott Sanders Dobro, Pedal Steel
Russell Terrell Vocals (Background)
Perry Coleman Vocals (Background)
Tania Hanceroff Vocals (Background)
Mike Rinne Bass
Larry Paxton Bass
Evan Hutchings Drums
Wayne Killius Drums
Steve Brewster Drums
Kenny Greenberg Electric Guitar
Troy Lancaster Electric Guitar
Charlie Judge Piano
Mike Rojas Piano
Jimmy Nichols Piano
Rashell Choo Graphic Designs / CD Layout
Ash Wright Photography

I was writing 5 songs in 3 days ahead of a scheduled recording session in Nashville that had already been booked for the following week.

“Touched By The Music” was another song that came in this moment.

“This is my daily grind, but they said I get a break, fifteen minutes, aint’ ever enough but it’ll do”

So what does somebody do at their daily grind when they get a mandated break? They spin their favorite song!

It takes them far, far away from where they are. They get to be rejuvenated by a song, change their surrounding with beautiful sonic textures, they can even pick a mood that matches their mood or pick an entirely different altogether.

Dare I say self medication for what ails you? Inside the cans or cabin of your car, you can stay in isolation and have a totally personal moment, with yourself, or you can share it with others, either way the music is touching you and you have control of it as you touch play.

Maybe the one thing you really have control over is music, you get what you want, when you want it. Music becomes something you can trust to do what you expect.

From the chorus

“I’ve been touched by the music, It’s gonna’ take me to my place…”


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