You burned through the door, set the place on fire kicked your boots to the sky and gave me that smile. Oh yeah. And now we’re face to face and I feel your grace, what’s the point of leaving this place behind, for some other cowboy.

Been stubborn as a mule, my whole dam life, ain’t no pretty girl gonna’ cross my county line, come and hurt me But if I don’t make a move, and change my ways, the one I love, she’s gonna’ desert me, so I’m giving up my ground.

For you I’ll be around, for you I’d settle down, cause’ the truth is baby, that I’ve never seen your side of town, for you I’ll change my view I wanna’ spend a little time with you, so I’m giving in baby I’m giving up my ground
I’m not the kind of man who wears a summertime tan and I don’t like to dance unless it’s a slow song, with you But I’m out of my chair, with my arms in the air, the dance floor’s shakin’, and I’m so alive, when I am with you


Oh, Oh, Ah, Ah There’s a line in the sand and a worn out plan, I’m just a man on a mission that I don’t understand, but you can’t fence a love with the sky above


For you I’ll be around, for you I’d settle down, cause’ the truth is baby, that I’m giving up my ground (repeat)

SONGWRITER – Brian Lee Bender (ASCAP) – Music Recorded In Nashville TN

Artist Credit
Kelly Back Guitar (Electric)
Eli Beaird Guitar (Bass)
Larry Beaird Guitar (Acoustic)
Brian Lee Bender Guitar (Electric), Mastering, Primary Artist, Producer
Jim De Blanc Engineer
David Buchanan Engineer
Jason Garner Engineer, Guitar (Bass)
Swine Grantt Guitar (Bass)
Steve Hinson Dobro, Pedal Steel
Clay Howard Engineer
Rebecca Jardine Vocals (Background)
Dave Moody Banjo, Engineer, Guitar (Acoustic), Producer, Vocals (Background)
Justin Ostrander Guitar (Electric)
Russ Pahl Dobro, Pedal Steel
Kevin Sokolnicki Engineer
Russell Terrell Vocals (Background)
Dow Tomlin Guitar (Bass)
Derek Wells Guitar (Electric)
Ash Wright Photography

When two people meet and they come from opposite sides of the tracks. Somebody has to give a little.

This song charted as number 30 in Country as measured by the Spins Tracking System.