White trash trailer park, growing in the middle of the good ol USA

Daddy said “son, you gotta school, but I’m sorry boy, your gonna have to pay”


Well I was reading about the revolution and what it says in the constitution


Now I’m going back to find, the freedom of  my father’s time


Well I got me a job and I got me a woman

and we’re working real hard everyday, but

They ran out of land, said good uncle Sam

As he handed me the debt I have to pay


There’s got to be a real solution, that I can’t see through the air pollution


But I’m so missing you today,  the freedom of the good ol USA


Now George and Tom have made it so, there must be something we don’t know about  Freedom…in the USA

I thought that being an American, meant, everyone was gonna win

How come I’m a loser still today? As my freedom slips away


I’m going back to find, the freedom of the good ol USA




I’ve seen plenty of red and a whole lotta blue

but I just can’t seem to find any white

I’ve seen piles of Americans, who’ve paid with their lives

But the kids don’t have the same appetite, no they don’t


There’s got to be some restitution, let’s go looking in the constitution and


bring her on back to the freedom of the good Ol USA

bring her on back to the freedom of the good Ol USA

bring her on back to the freedom of the good Ol USA



SONGWRITER – Brian Lee Bender (ASCAP) – Music Recorded In Nashville TN

Artist Credit
Larry Beaird Guitar (Acoustic) Banjo
Brian Lee Bender Guitar (Electric), Mastering, Primary Artist, Producer
Jim De Blanc Engineer
David Buchanan Engineer
Rob Lane Engineer
Russ Pahl Dobro, Pedal Steel
Scott Sanders Dobro, Pedal Steel
Russell Terrell Vocals (Background)
Perry Coleman Vocals (Background)
Tania Hanceroff Vocals (Background)
Mike Rinne Bass
Larry Paxton Bass
Evan Hutchings Drums
Wayne Killius Drums
Steve Brewster Drums
Kenny Greenberg Electric Guitar
Troy Lancaster Electric Guitar
Charlie Judge Piano
Mike Rojas Piano
Jimmy Nichols Piano
Rashell Choo Graphic Designs / CD Layout
Ash Wright Photography

I love my country because I am free to write a song about it.

This song is fun to play…

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