I am obsessed with creating a unique experience that is worthy of someone’s time.

There is a ton of competition for people’s time so it better be on point and 100% about them and not me.

This makes me a producer of art in music and moving picture. 


Music is a language that takes a lifetime to learn .

I make full radio sounding records where I am the only musician playing all of the pieces and parts. It’s not uncommon, but rare to do it at a studio level.

I do this to be able to explore what has not been done already, to create something fresh. It also helps tremendously to speak, musican’s speak, while in Nashville, cutting a track with the best in the business, I know how to conduct the sound I want on my recordings.

Singing is the cherry on top of all of this, a good band can really allow a singer to shine and a good singer can really tell a story and reveal very deep emotional feelings.


What is a product? Its the answer to a problem.

Focus groups would find what is lacking in the market place, a producer would jump in and figure out how to make the product, making prototypes, versions, do some testing and comparing to what is out there.

I do this all of the time, for my own work and for other clients who come to me and want to know “how to make it” or hey “I have this song idea”. They look at me like I am a business person. The truth is if no one, will reach into their wallet and give you a dollar for it, it might just as well not be recorded.


If you want to be in the music market making records and playing live for people, you will need great songs to play.

I have been writing for a long time and 100+ songs. 

Recently, instead of writing so many, I write more selectively, more for a purpose, a song that fulfills a need.  I guess I have written so many that I really only want to spend time on good ones now…

I am happy singing covers or re-producing, remixing them in a modern way, where the listener can have a new revived experience with a great song.




We live in a visual world now supported by audio more than ever. Music changes the feeling and energy of a story being told with moving picture. My skills have found me loving these challenges. A lot of my music can be adopted to film but a more direct route is to make pieces where the audio and film are already in sync. It’s like composing in two artforms at once. It’s thrilling and informative as to how music and story work together. 


Create a vision, storyboard it, record it, clean it up, refine it, view it on your phone, car, big screen, etc. Find a home where it can be enjoyed or experienced or accessed easily. This is what I do. Instruments, computers, software, social media, cameras, websites, these are my tools.


I love working with people in a professional setting on professional projects.

Let’s make music together 916-416-6116 



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