AM-FM Radio Show

Country music has been a great place for my music, and yet I also love, pop and rock.

With the AM-FM radio DJ approach, performing live simply focuses on great songs from the past and present while playing for anyone and everyone who wishes to be taken on a familiar ride of hits, covers and songs they too can sing along with.

With no two shows ever the same, we will always be sharing a new and exciting moment, together, because of music.

I hope someday we will sing a chorus or two together, for then I know we will both have shared something unforgettable.

Brian Lee Bender

“On The Rise Show” – The Country Network (TCN) – Debut 7/15

WATCH PARTY NEWS FLASH! Can I say, wow? My journey is apparently making a stop here on THE COUNTRY NETWORK, where I am the featured artist for their live tapings of "ON THE RISE"...Let me just say that this was so much fun to do, traveling to TCN headquarters in...

“Touched By The Music” – The World’s Language

WELCOME As the earthquakes rock California this week, what better way to show our connection to big sounds and vibrations of our everyday lives. You know that feeling of standing next to a waterfall, deep in the forest, as the bliss that washes over you? This is the...

I’m Here To Party With You – CD – Official Release!

We have lift off! It took a while to make the set list of 13 songs, find a suitable cover, design logos and graphics. But hey its ready now and its time to get this party going! Test it out yourself right here on my site click here: Brian Lee Bender - Music CD...
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